Dami Im – Collide

Dami Im – Collide

The iconic Dami Im is back today with a powerful ballad titled « Collide« .

What should you expect ?

Well, Dami Im is known WORLDWIDE for her hit song « Sound of Silence« , that she performed at Eurovision 2016 (where she placed SECOND. WOW.)

The song is everything you can expect from a power ballad, and moreover coming from Dami Im. Huge build-up, choirs, dramatic piano and drums, powerful lyrics. Such an anthem, that sticks to your head from the first listen.

Fun note : « Collide » is timestamped 3:03, which is the maximum length allowed for a song to be submitted for Eurovision. So, was she planning to go to Eurovision 2023 with it ? It would have been a smash hit, let’s be honest.

You can listen to the song below. Feel free to share your thoughts about the song here, or on social medias 🙂

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