SONG : Go_A « Rusalochki »

A new song by Go_A cannot be anything but a banger, and « Rusalochki » is of course one of them. It samples their previous song called « Rano » that the band submitted for Eurovision 2021, where SHUM was chosen instead. What are your thoughts ?

Iveta Mukuchyan is back with « Mi qich erkar hamburir »

Ooooh, who is back on time to deliver the best summer song you can wish for ? Armenian queen Iveta Mukuchyan of course 🙂 After releasing the very heated « Sirt » last year, she’s back at it again with « Mi qich erkar hamburir » (Համբուրեք մի փոքր երկար:), which means « Kiss (me?) a little longer« . It’s hot, it’s sensual, and the post-chorus […]

Dami Im – Collide

The iconic Dami Im is back today with a powerful ballad titled « Collide« . What should you expect ? Well, Dami Im is known WORLDWIDE for her hit song « Sound of Silence« , that she performed at Eurovision 2016 (where she placed SECOND. WOW.) The song is everything you can expect from a power ballad, and moreover coming from Dami Im. Huge […]

Chanel – TOKE

After her triumph at Eurovision 2022 with her amazing dancy bop « SloMo » (and the unprecedented sickening choreo), Chanel is finally back with a new song : TOKE. It is the official theme song of the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Did you learn the choreo already ?

Andrea – Telepatija

After her participation in Eurovision 2022 in Turin with her amazing song « Circles » (which sadly failed to qualify), Andrea decided to take part in most famous Albanian musical contest : Kenga Magjike. To do so, she decided to go with a powerful rock-ish ballad, in Macedonian : « Telepatija«  What do you guys think of this song ? Do you like […]

Dafina Zeqiri and Majk are sorry on « Më fal »

A few months ago, Dafina and Majk teamed up and released an amazing duet. Their voices are perfectly matching on « Më fal » (I’m sorry), which contains elements from the Serbian song « Budi Tu » by Voyage and Breskvica. And the music video, for unknown reasons, cannot be embedded, so please click here to watch it 🙂

Go_A release « Kalyna »

After hitting the Eurovision Song Contest stage last May, and becoming worldwide superstars with their hit song « SHUM« , Go_A have been a bit quiet. But today, they are releasing a new (amazing) song titled « Kalyna« . The song and production are Go_A at their top game, nothing less. Sick beat, amazing ethnic-electronic gimmick, flawless vocals. Astonishing. To give a little bit […]

Elvana Gjata teams up with DJ Gimi-O and Bardhi on « EX »

Albanian pop never takes a break. Day after day, week after week. Today, let’s celebrate the release of « EX », by a very talented trio : Elvana Gjata, DJ Gimi-O and Bardhi. The song is, unsurprisingly, talking about an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, an old relationship and the pain to see your beloved one with someone else. The music video is a bit goofy, […]